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HMO Mortgages

HMO Mortgages

An HMO mortgage is a specialist buy-to-mortgage designed specifically for Houses of Multiple Occupation. For example, Student Accommodation, Bedsits or several flats on one freehold title.

The attraction of the HMO marketplace is the possibility of a higher rental yield, due to the increased number of tenants that can be housed in one property.

The interest rates charged on an HMO mortgage would be typically higher, due to the increased risk associated with this marketplace.

Many HMO lenders would typically require borrowers to have previous buy-to-let experience before being prepared to lend, however there are a small number of lenders without this level of restriction.

Concept Mortgages have many years experience of working within this space and have provided guidance to many property investors needing specialist advice, for this complex, yet potentially lucrative area of property investment.