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Here at Concept Mortgages we can arrange a choice of either secured loans or bridging loans.

Shown below are some are some of the differences in these loan types.

Secured Loan

“A secured loan is a loan whereby a borrower pledges some asset (commonly property) as security against the loan.”

With a secured loan you can usually borrow from £3,000 to £50,000, some lenders will consider lending up to £100,000.

The amount borrowed is repaid monthly over a term agreed at the outset, which will usually range between 3 and 25 years.

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At Concept Mortgages we understand that there are times when funding is required and due to our relationship with a wide network of lenders we are often able to arrange the finance or loan you are looking for.

Possible reasons for a secured loan?

To raise capital for home repairs
Debt Consolidation
Purchase of high value items such as a car or for home improvements

Funding the costs of a wedding
Need to raise money on current property, but wish to avoid redemption penalties that may be incurred from a remortgage.

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Bridging Loan


A Bridging Loan is an excellent source of secured, short-term finance that can be arranged very quickly. It is suitable for those buying property in auctions, funding the time between buying a new
home and selling an old one, buying a property for renovation and a quick re-sale or any purpose
where short-term cash flow assistance is required.

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Bridging Loans are excellent for nearly all home owners.

Regardless of your circumstances, earnings or credit history we can arrange Bridging Loans for you if
you have the correct security.

The main types of security that are eligible for the loans include:

Main or secondary dwelling house

A Buy to Let property

Commercial property such as shops, offices etc

Land with planning permission

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